Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hand Quilting

I'm hand quilting the borders of my Petals Galore wall hanging and am quite pleased with the way it is going.

I'm one of those persons who has to actually see the design drawn out and no amount of measuring the stencil will do it for me.  So, the design has been drawn on paper and pinned in place to see how it will look and see what adjustments need to be done to make the design fit.  Once the design fits, the marking began and hand quilting commenced.

The hand quilting looks ok but it doesn't match up to the close quilting in the center and it would be wonky looking hanging on the wall because of the loosely quilted borders. 
How about some circles?  Yep, those work perfectly and takes care of the extra fabric that is loose.  The circles also match up to the circles in the big leaves.  Perfect!
The overall look is good and I'm quite happy with it now.
My arms and hands are giving me some grief, so a few days off will help and then I can get at it again.

Have a great day!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Snow tumbling

Not me ..... the quilt!  I was very careful going up and down these stairs in our backyard to take this photo.  I've been waiting for snow to do this and finally this morning we woke up to a couple inches of snow on the ground.  Yep, love this photo!  You should have seen me in my pjs, housecoat and snow boots outside taking this photo earlier this morning.  If the neighbours saw me, what in the world were they thinking?!  LOL
Back inside, snow still clung onto my quilt and it had to go into the dryer for a few minutes to dry it up.  The snow was wet and very clingy.

Hanging on our dining room wall, you can get a better idea of what it looks like.  Love, love, love this quilt.  This was a Bonnie Hunter leader/ender project from 2015.  It started out as such, but then I loved working on it and kept at it until it was done.
Stripes in the border and again as binding.   In case you haven't noticed, I do have a thing for stripes in my quilts!
Bonnie Hunter Leader/Ender project - started July 8, 2015
Top finished - November 5, 2015
Top size - 86-1/2" x 90-3/4"
Finished quilt size - 84-3/4" x 88-1/2" (after quilting and washing)
Machine quilted by Tella in Toronto.  Again, thank you, my dear!

A dear friend (thank you Jeanne) loaned me her Dresden Plates template and that is what I used for cutting out my tumblers.   My fabric strips were cut 3-1/2" x WOF.  A lot of FQ's were used.  All of these fabrics came from my stash.   I have since bought a template because I can see myself making another one in scrappy fabrics and probably one in blues and one in Civil War and ......  That is how much I loved making this quilt.

So, that is one Xmasy quilt hanging up.  Slowly, the autumn decor will come down and Xmas decor will make their way around our home.  There is no hurry .... is is barely mid-November after all.

Have a great day! 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Center done

Well ..... I plugged away at hand quilting on this wall hanging and finally, the center is done.  Now all I have to do is mark up the borders and start the hand quilting on them.  To get this far feels very good.
It looks like winter has arrived.  We are getting snow today and the temperature is supposed to dip to -17C overnight.  Without the wind chill, so it will be colder than that.  Brrrr .....

Have a great day!

Friday, November 3, 2017

A stash quilt

Our night guild (Northern Lights Quilter's Guild) has a challenge this year (quilt to be finished by July 2018) to make a scrap quilt using only our stash.  Well, that will not be hard to do!

So, I dug into my stash of 2-1/2" squares and before I knew it, this came to be very quickly.
This is a free pattern from Pat Sloan called "Traffic Jam".

So, my finished tops has just been increased.  LOL LOL LOL

Have a super great day!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Another quilt done

I've been remiss in showing some of my newest quilts.  Here is my 'A Garden of Kites'.
Details of this quilt:
Quilt size:  92-3/4" x 99" (top size:  94-1/2" x 102")
Started in November 2014
Top finished:  December 2015
Quilt finished August 2017.  It sat on a shelf for a while ....
Machine quilted by Tella in Scarborough, Ontario.  Thank you, Tella for doing a wonderful job!

Here is a closer look at the fabrics used.  When Debra came up in July with my finished quilts, Debra's chi-chi "Teddy" plopped himself onto the quilt as soon as I took it out of the bag.  It has been doggie approved.  LOL
In fact, both her doggies gave their doggie approval on my quilts.  Forget about their doggie beds, my quilts will do, thank you very much!
So, that is one of my latest quilts.  More to come.

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

A bit more decorating .... and some hand quilting

It was time to do a bit more decorating in the bedroom off my studio.  A good start was made with the painted quilt rack, but there was room to do more.
 Namely, this wall
 and this wall.  Sadly, the exercise machine has to stay there ..... so ..... work around it is my motto.
Out came all the mini quilts that were gifted to me or swapped with me over the years.  A few were made by me too.  These mini quilts were originally on another wall, but it was too busy and this wall is the perfect spot for them.
There is still room for more minis.
So, what a difference to this room now.  It makes me smile whenever I walk in there.
On the end of a bookcase is where more minis are displayed.  There are still a few more mini quilts, but they are Xmas ones and will be displayed at Xmas time.  So if you gifted/swapped with me a Xmas quilt, that is why they are not up there.  Have you noticed the mess to the right of the bookcase?  Yes, it is time to do a bit of a clean-up in my studio.
 I have been doing a bit of hand quilting on this wall hanging.
 A closer look of the hand quilting.  Gosh, I do love those circles in the big leaves!
So, that is what I've been up to lately.

Have a great day!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall decor

Finally, I got those 'pumpkins' letters painted and glued onto a plank of wood.  It feels so good to get those DONE.  They were bought five years ago before we moved from Toronto to North Bay.  Yes, time and a little bit of 'geterdone' attitude and now we can enjoy our display.
Something else got painted too.   This quilt rack was given to me by my friend Debra and has been hung and used since we moved here.  I've wanted to change the look from wood to white and now it also is done and we are enjoying it.  This rack sits above my ironing station.  Perfect!
Not too much has been going on here lately quilting wise.  My heart has been heavy with the loss of our last cat.  I will talk about her later, but not now.

Anyway, have a great day!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Where, oh where

I'm still binding those 5 of 7 quilts that came back to me last month.  In doing so, I got to thinking where, oh where are these going to go?  I'm running out of storage space.

There are still 22 tops that need to be quilted.  Plus 30ish projects on the go.  Some will be gifted, some donated, but most will be staying here.  Some forward thinking needed to be done.

So, where are my quilts stored right now?

As well as on three beds here and two at the cottage, two more quilts can go on this ladder.
My mini quilts are in a basket
This wall in my dining room always has two hanging; plus a few in the basket in the corner (you can just barely see the basket).
On the opposite side in the dining room, another one hangs there.
My display cabinet can hold another big one or two small ones.
 The foyer always has a quilt hanging as well as one quilt or two on the railing.
This quilt hides (very cleverly) a baby chair and all the odds and ends required for eating.  Once that baby chair is no longer required, it will be stored away and a pile of quilts will sit there instead.
In the family T.V. room, another quilt could be squeezed into this basket.
 This basket in the corner could hold one or two more quilts.
So .... that is it.  No more display space.

I've been trolling Kijiji for a cabinet of some sort.  Something sturdy is needed.  One was found.

Next step was to tell DH my plan.  He was sitting outside enjoying the moment.  I sat down beside him and one look at my face told him that I was up to something.  "What is going on?" he asked.  I let out a big sigh and told him we needed a bigger house.  LOL  We don't need a bigger one, this one is big as it is.   So, I told him of my plan and he agreed that we needed something else to store quilts in.

Out we went to look at the bookcase and it is sturdy.  Way too heavy for us to take home.  We needed help.  The Kijiji man offered to deliver the bookcase to us.  We didn't barter the price.  If he was willing to deliver, that was a great deal.  Later that afternoon, the bookcase arrived and soon after, it got spray painted and Varathaned.  One more sanding and a coat of Varathane and it is ready to be moved and ready for my quilts.

This bookcase is huge.  86" high, 16" deep and 42" wide.  This bookcase will hold many quilts.
Here is the bookcase with just a few quilts.  I figure that it could hold at least 32 (8 quilts per shelf) big queen size quilts plus more if the quilts are smaller.  The bookcase still needs another coat of Varethane and a good sanding to ensure there are no rough spots for my quilts to rub against.
Another quilt added .....
Yep, I'm happy now.

When I mentioned to Garage Girl Darlene about my new bookcase and how it will hold 32 big quilts, the topic lead to how many tops to be quilted and how many UFOs did I have.  I mentioned that all these items were on a computer file.

So ... how many finished tops waiting to be quilted by a LAer or by me?  There are 24 in total so far.

How many UFOs are there?  How about 38?  There are a number that have never been talked about on my blog.  One day there will be a story about them.

Oh dear God, we will need a bigger house!

Have a great day!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Need a name

Well, well, well .... my top is done!  Oh my, I didn't expect it to turn out like this.  So, so glad that I went with my initial decision to put those flowers on the border.  It was something that I wanted to try but didn't have THE quilt to do it on. 
This top was designed by me (using EQ7) back in April 2014.  Some flowers were doodled to see the effect.  Yes, yes, yes .... it just had to be done!  It was a lot of work, but, oh .... so .... worth .... it!
This pattern needs a name.  So far, it is called 9-patch circles.  Not very creative, eh!  Don't worry, something will come to me.

So, onto another UFO!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Getting the applique done

Amazing how one border proceeded to two borders done!
Then a third border soon followed.  I am on a mission to get this done quickly.   As I was looking at this photo before download, it was noticed that some of the plain blocks on the outer part may need to be changed around a bit.  In this photo it seems that the right hand side looks a bit darker than the left side.  Best to fix this now before it heads out to a LAer.
In case your are wondering how I deal with the bulk while appliqueing, this is what I do.  The body of the top is folded just shy of the border (so that it doesn't interfere when I'm ready to do applique) and pinned in place.  It is easier this way to tame the bulk and do my applique without shuffling all the top each time I need to move the top in order to applique better.
Have a great day!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Three down ....

Three tops are now done from this original set of five UFO's.  Happy dance going on here!
 Here she is!  Doesn't this top look lovely!
Remember all those circles (you can see the tray of circles at the bottom of the photo) and leaves that I had been working on?  Well, this is my plan for them.  So, even though the borders are on, it is still officially not done yet.
Now, I've been asked about why I do applique on my borders after they are applied.  I've done applique on my borders before being applied and after.  I actually prefer after.  The con for this is that there is a lot of bulk of the top to deal with.

A few days later and almost one side complete.
Anyway, guess what I'll be busy working on?  :o)

Have a great day!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Up for the Challenge

Now that my wall hanging is blocked and dried, here it is hanging in our dining room.
Now for the details of how this hanging came to be.

This was a night guild (Northern Lights Quilter's Guild) mystery challenge back in 2014.  I'm not good at mysteries.  I have to see everything before even starting to work on something.  So, month after month the challenges were given out and saved by me.  After 6 months, the challenge was over and I could finally start.  I knew what to do.

First month, we were given the challenge fabric (the fabric on the right hand side of photo) and the directions were to make a flower.  We were instructed to think outside the box.  Why not a yo-yo flower?  How about four flowers?  That works for me.  A bit of red behind the flowers gave them a bit of pop.
Notice all the red buttons?  They were saved from all the thrift store shirts that have been bought over time.  I knew they were destined for something.

Don't forget to notice the hand quilting.  First time red thread was used.  My thread is not quilting thread.  I use Coat's Button and Carpet thread.  It is thicker, but not as thick as perle cotton.

Next month was a heart.  Could I manage a yo-yo heart?  It would add to the theme.  The heart was a bit tricky, but it worked out.  Again, a bit of red behind the heart to make it sparkle.
Then an insect.  Nothing elaborate here.  Just fussy cut out a butterfly.  Three butterflies to be exact.
Another challenge fabric was given out and a bird to make.  Hard as I tried,  I couldn't fit a bird into my design.  Think outside the box, we were told.  So, I did.  Put the bird on my label.  :o)
 Then an object.  I know, how about a ribbon with the challenge fabric on it.  Works for me.
The final part to the challenge was to make a block, any block of our choice.  A churn dash block was my choice.  The size of this block was 24" x 24" finished and it would frame my flower bouquet perfectly in the centre.
To finish off the look, a bit of embroidery was added here and there along with red buttons.
Overall size is 36" x 36".
So, that is how my challenge quilt came to be.  Think outside the box.  I think I did!
Have a great day!